ANST - Photos- Royal Tatoos and Bryn Gwlad's Baronial

David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at
Mon Nov 20 21:14:23 PST 2000

"Patrick Bureau (SCA: Patric de Long Coeur)" wrote:
> Great tatoos... now the enquiring minds of their majestie's subjects
> are going to try to have to figure out WHERE the tatoos have been placed.
> ... sounds like a contest in the making if you ask me :)))
> Lord Patric de Long Ceur..
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Well, assuming the photo is reproduced correctly, His Majesty's tatto is
on the outside of his right upper arm.
Her majesty's is more problematic, as there aren't nearly as many clues
in the photo, the three long strands of hair visible suggest that it is
located on the uppermost torso, shoulders or upper arms.

David Gallowglass

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