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Mon Nov 20 21:57:36 PST 2000

Greetings to the populace of our fair kingdom!

Autmn Melees was a rousing success despite the fearsome weather.  I would 
like to thank a few people for making that happen.

Thank you to Lady Isabella, her lord Il Danach, their son Tory Allen, Lord 
Caleb MacLaughlin, and his lady, the newcomer Anastasia.  Without your help, 
feast would have been a loss.  Thank you for the delicious, warming food, and 
for all the other hard work that you did.

Thanks go out to Lord Galen, Lord Vincois, His Excellency Don Simonn, and 
everyone else who helped to drag out the town, even though it is my 
understanding that the town wasn't used.

Thanks also to Lady Murguerite and Lord Stiamna McFinn for their help with 
Chirugeon duties at the field, and also for loaning the Barony a period 
pavilion for the gate.

Thank you to Lady Mistress Tessa :-) and to Alicia (whose persona name I 
never can remember) for helping with the children's activities

I wish to thank their Majesties for their high spirits and good humor.  To 
her Majesty I send my thanks for her warmth and good cheer as the ladies and 
children gatherd about her to share stories, song, and good company 
throughout the day.  To his Majesty I send thanks for his unflagging cheer, 
and his strength of spirit which rallied the men to battle.

Thank you to all of the brave, stalwart, steady, and hearty folk who stayed 
despite the weather.  You made our event the success it was.

Last but not least, I wish to thank all of you whom I haven't mentioned.  You 
I wish to thank most of all.  You see, the reason I can't mention most of you 
is that you helped so willingly and so effeciently that I never even knew you 
were helping.  This is the greatest boon any autocrat can ask, and it means 
the world to me that you were there when you were needed.

Thank you all for a wonderful event, and for a pleasant experience as a 
first-time autocrat.  I just might do this again someday!  :-)

Yours in Service and in Gratitude,

Lady Birgitta
Crown Barony Bordermarch
I will be posting a list of lost and found items Tuesday evening.
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