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Mon Oct 2 09:42:33 PDT 2000

In the recent announcement of the rules for the Assassin Game the 
following was said about poisons:

> All fake “poison” must be period to the Middle Ages.  Anyone using fake
> “poison” must somehow be able to relate its name to the victim.  A
> victim may redeem her/his life by having a working knowledge of poisons
> and selecting the correct, previously arranged antidote with
> documentation. (Unicorn horns and things of the sort are not
> acceptable.)

Those who would like to prepare themselves with some knowledge of
medieval poisons and their antidotes might want to take a look at
these two files in the UNCATALOGUED section of my Florilegium files:
poisons-art       (42K)  8/30/94    Medieval poisons and antidotes.

poisons-msg       (28K)  6/10/99    Medieval poisons.

The top of the Florilegium is at:

Lord Stefan li Rous
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