ANST - Ultima Online Worldfaire Demo

Rhonda & Chuck Leggett leggettr at
Wed Oct 4 20:21:29 PDT 2000

On Friday and Saturday November 10 & 11 Ultima Online is holding their
Worldfaire. They have asked the SCA to participate. They have offered a
20X24 stage area and are giving us 2-4 hours each day to do demos. We have
the opportunity to do not only combat demos with both chivalric and rapier
combat but performing arts as well.  There is no set schedule for the SCA at
present. They are willing to work around us to best meet our needs. In
addition to the demos they are giving us a free (normally $2500) 10X10 booth
to use for recruiting purposes. The hours of the Worldfaire are from 8a-6p
both days. I am planning on attending both days, all day and would
appreciate any help with the booth or with any of the demos. Anyone
participating in the demos or working the info booth will receive a free
pass good for both days(about $200 reg price) The Worldfaire will be held at
the Austin Convention Center.  As there are expected to be people from all
areas in attendance I would like to offer other branches of the SCA the
chance to take advantage of this wonderful recruitment opportunity. Please
contact me as soon as possible so I can get a list of all who plan to attend
and help with this demo. This will be passed on to the Origin contact person
so passes will be made available. I would like to be able to work out some
kind of schedule as well so we can get the best possible exposure. They
would like us to spread our performances out in 30 min. increments
throughout the day both days, preferably having the combat demos in the
afternoon. Let me know what you can do and what time would be most
convenient for you. I will let everyone know as soon as possible and
hopefully in the next two weeks. I will post the schedule to the list as
soon as I have it available. Thanks in advance.

Lady Tabitha Baker
Seneschal Bryn Gwlad
leggettr at

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