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Thu Oct 5 06:25:52 PDT 2000

>>Greetings, Maleah here,
>>They have lifted the ban from propane and charcoal >>grills but no open flame of any other kind is >>allowed. Glass ENCLOSED lanterns are also
>>allowed. All of these things are with the proviso >>that the state doesn't come back and nix this before >>the event AND that there is someone in
>>attendance with the flame at all times with fire >>extinguishing equipment to hand, extinguishers, >>bucket of sand or water, etc. There will be NO GROUND
>>FIRES of any kind unless the state lifts the ban >>before our event. Thank you for your gracious >>adherence to these rules. We know how fond SCA people >>are of their flames but safety must come first. I'll >>sure miss the fire to sing around, but I bet I can >>still sing..........or at least hum along. There
>>will be coffee in the tavern all week-end for those >>of you who live on the liquid black stuff. As >>Alexander stated if conditions change we'll post them
>>ASAP. So come and enjoy. We look forward to having >>you all.
>>Baroness of Namron

Ummm Yeah!! What she said. 
~Greetings Everyone.
Just a quick reminder, because this is probably one of the last few times I'll get to post, if any one needs any further info about the event this weekend, please go here:
If you don't find the answers your looking for there, please feel free to drop me a note or call.

Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!
"It's how many days until Protectorate?"

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