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James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Oct 5 15:25:25 PDT 2000

Don Doré here.

I am looking for someone to fence with me for a Demo this Monday. This
will be in Marble Falls, TX, about an hour west of Austin. Yes, I know
it is short notice, but we are down to the wire and I am the only
fighter. Yes, I know it is out of the way for almost everyone on this
list, but I am hoping someone can do it.

It would all be over by 3pm, so if you live anywhere near Austin you
could make it home before supper. If you don't need to be home Tuesday,
you could stay at my ranch in Marble Falls on Monday night and I would
even buy you dinner at the Bluebonnet cafe (a great place to eat) Monday

E-mail me or call me if there is something else you need to make this
happen. The info message is included below. Any takers?

Don Doré

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Subject: BG - Demo for Marble Falls
Date:    Wed, 04 Oct 2000 19:23:34 -0500
From:    Randy Wrinkle <wrinkle at>

I wanted to post the information from Marble Falls, in case anyone else
was able to come at the last minute.  Thanks to Lady Catalina and James
Crouchet  for volunteering!

Apparently, there will be 4 demos all day, each about 1 to 1 1/2 hour
long.  The first one will begin right at 8 a.m., then one at 9:30, and
then one around 11:45, and then last one being at 2 p.m.

They are interested in fighting demonstrations, equipment used in the
fighting, explanations of life during the middle ages (Feudal System),
clothing, etc.

Go to Austin and take Highway 71 West out through Oak Hill and Bee
Caves.  Stay on Highway 71 until you get into Marble Falls, stay on 281
until you get to FM 1431, turn Right towards Cedar Park.  The high
school will be on your left on top of a ridge.  You will turn onto the
driveway right before an automotive repair shop.

Let me know if further info is needed.  Hope to see more of  you there!

Meghann, Seneschal of Cridhe na Tyr

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