ANST - Namron Protectorate weather

Maleah maleah at
Fri Oct 6 01:57:12 PDT 2000

Greetings unto the fair populace of Ansteorra,
    For those of you traveling to our fair lands know that the weather
wizards worked a little too hard to get rid of all those 100+ degree
temperatures, so the weather for our event will be as follows:

Highs both Sat. and Sunday in the mid to low 50s.
Lows for both nights in the mid to low 30s.

So bring your warm clothes, blankets and heaters. The burn ban is still in
effect which means no open flames or ground fires except for:
    Charcoal or gas grills
    Propane stoves
    Enclosed lanterns

Again there must be someone in attendance with these items at all times with
proper fire extinguishing implements to hand.

There will be a tavern running all day Saturday with warm things to drink
and hot food for your convenience as well as a sumptuous feast Sat. evening.

We will check our e-mail one more time before we leave for site Friday at
noon. So if you have a missive for us, send it early or we won't see it
until Monday.

We look forward to seeing you all there,
Maleah and Ulf
Hasheika and Hersir of Namron

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