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Rolf Kvamme baron_duncan at
Fri Oct 6 11:49:34 PDT 2000

Sean is also know as Vitus Litehold in the sca and hails from the midrealm.  
He is a big proponent of more period fighting and harnesses in the sca.  If 
you get a chance read some of his other columns, which arent about the sca, 
but very funny.

>I ran across a decent artical we are mentione3d in Thought you all mihgt be
>interested the URL is
>Lady Simone
>---there is a principle which is a bar against all information,
>which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail
>to keep  man in everlasting ignorance--
>That principle is contempt prior to  investigation
>                                         -----Herbert Spencer
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