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Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at
Fri Oct 6 12:18:58 PDT 2000

> Xene here:
> Any clue as to *when* the Laurel's circle will be taking place?  Or where
> site?

Ulf here:
It will take place when and where Their Majesties want.  That was an easy
question to answer... :)

Barring an expressed desire of TRM, it will most likely be after the list
and before feast, which is at 6pm.  If the list runs REAL long, we could
move it to after court.

The location on site has varied with the weather.  Originally the autocrats
planned a pleasant outdoor circle in sunny mild weather.  They placed an
order for cool weather back when we were having 110 degree days.
Unfortunately I believe they over-ordered.  So the circle will probably take
place in the tavern if we have several Laurels on site, or in the same place
as last time if we don't have as many as last time (it was crowded).

See you all there.  Drive carefully.  Bring cloaks.  And turnips.  Ja-ja.


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