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My Dear Lady,   Welcome to the SCA!  As a former Baroness of Bordermarch,
and Lady of House Bladesong, I would like to extend a personal invitation to
you to visit me and my house while you are at Melees.  I understand your
trepidation, you saw a sea of light colored faces didn't you?  It seems that
the SCA tends to draw more light skinned people at this time, but not
because of any policy or prejudices, just human nature to group in clumps.
You are most welcome and I and my household will do all we can to make you
comfortable.  I feel you will find that as a whole, the SCA cares less about
things like race than any other group.  Look for a green and white pavilion
or ask anyone where you can find Baroness AmberLea.  I look forward to
meeting you.   I remain in service.
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