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seems the long legal battles are over and horslips now own the rights
to their own songs again (from what i read, a bad deal with a
manager) ... and after a long hiatus are publishing their catalog on
CD again.  

these are remasters made from the origional tapes and sound much
cleaner than the first  CD releases.  since CDNOW was running a sale
(and currently a even better one), decided to convert two of my old
vinyl holdings to cd ... with more to follow.

	Dancehall Sweethearts				(1974)
	The Book of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony 	(1976)

for those who know the band, nuff said ...  for those who don't,
they're a irish band that had their heyday in the mid-late 70's and
early 80's (though it sounds like they may be coming back for another
run ...).  

musically, they are what i term "electro celtic", taking traditional
forms as a basis for a modern electric sound - to my ears, these
albums are a bit more tradational than "thin lizzy", less edged than
the "pogues", a bit rougher than "men they couldn't hang" ..... like
most bands, their sound evolved significantly over time, these two
albums being from their early, more "traditionally" influenced

specifically, for fan's of the "rock opera" genre, i highly recommend
"Book of Invasions" and "The Tain" (reviewed at a earlier date) ...
loving celtic music in all it's many forms, i haven't found anything
in their varied catalog that i did'na like.    


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