ANST - Namron Protectorate

Ozy ozy10 at
Mon Oct 9 08:14:58 PDT 2000

Greetings all,
At a mildly chilly Namron Protectorate this past weekend, Sir Aesoph Hartz
triumphed over his Squire Karl Hangus in a no-holds texas chainsaw death
match. Both combatants remained undefeated after a very well attended swiss
five tourney. Sir Aesoph was fighting for the Honor of Her Excellency
Michelle, while Karl was fighting for the honor of a delightful young new
comer (who happens to be Ace's daughter-can you beleive it?)
My Lady Heather.
Through the diligence and perseverance of the Royal Gaurd, Royal Entourage,
special agents from MIB, as well as the Chivalry stepping up as His
Majesties Secret Service, Their Majesties came away from the event hale and

-Herr Erasmus Todengraber
"Keine ruhe fur die bosen"

ps. yes i know much more went on, but i am giving others a chance to report
on their own feilds of interest.

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