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Gerald L. Norris Jr. jerryn at
Mon Oct 9 12:29:00 PDT 2000

There is more information concerning the SCA presence at the Texas
Rennaisance Festival available at
HE David St. David is maintaining the site and we try to keep it as up to
date as possible.  Information concerning obtaining passes, fight times, and
sponsored weekends are available as well.

Please note that the sixth weekend of the demo (November 4 - 5) is open for
sponsorship by a barony, shire, canton, or household.  I know the web site
shows the 3rd weekend open, but we're trying to update it as quickly as we

I would like to encourage any who are interested to show up this and other
weekends to help show off our Society.

I would like to take a few minutes to thank everyone who turned out for the
second weekend of the TRF demo.  Last weekend's sponsor was Bordermarch.
Lord Galen Saint Amand and his crew from Bordermarch were able to provide
excellent displays of the martial arts on the battle mound, and the artisans
were ready, but the weather kept many from showing their crafts.  A hearty
chili provided by Donna Leigha warmed everyone Saturday night after the cold
and the rain.

HE Brian du Val held his first court accompanied by HE Hillary Greenslade
Sunday afternoon where the winners of the weekend competitions were given
announced.  Ld Ragnar and Ld Fergus received wordfame and prizes
for their valor in battle upon the mound as well as in the tournament that
was held in the compound.  HL Isabeau Grace Hadley received a piece of the
original Ravensfort Site Post for a spectacular disintegration of a weapon
upon the field.  There was a bardic competition held, and Lady Melody
McGregor was the winner.  Her lovely harp playing and beautiful voice were
heard throughout the compound.  A hearty vivat to these and others within
the chivalric, rapier, and artistic communities who helped to show some of
Our Dream to the cold and wet patrons of the Texas Rennaisance Festival.

This weekend's sponsor is the Shire of the Shadowlands.  Ld Paidrig is the
autocrat.  He suggests that there will be birthday celebrations this weekend
as he has a birthday on Saturday, as does HE Hillary Greenslade, who will
offer a prize tourney in honor of her birthday.  Feast information will be
provided in the weekly troll newsletter.

Lord Ambrose Blackwood, this year's Liaison for TRF, has asked me to remind
everyone of the basic rules concerning the site.  These rules are from the
TRF staff and may not be negotiated.

1)    Period head gear and garb must be worn at all times while within the
compound and in sight of the public.  Period head gear consists of a hat
(there are straw hats within the armory that can be used in an emergency), a
wreath (such as the ones sold at TRF), a snood (for the ladies), or hood.
The hood must be on the head, not about the neck, to serve as head gear.
Period garb includes period-looking shoes/boots.  No sneakers, flip-flops,
tennis shoes or loafers.  NO BARE FEET!

2)    Smoking:    Smoking must be done behind the compound walls.  We
suggest behind the rear wall at the back of the compound.  No smoking is
allowed w/in or near the SCA compound.  If you do smoke, please make sure
your cigarettes are completely put out before coming back into the compound.

Gerald L. Norris Jr. -- Houston, Tx.
Gerald of Leesville, a bard of Stargate -- Kingdom  :  Ansteorra
Husband, father, lover, singer, writer

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