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Sun Oct 8 20:48:02 PDT 2000

Greetings all this is Duchess Willow de Wisp

I am not sure who was asking the question about color and the SCA but I 
can tell you that in my 32 years  of playing the SCA has been more
interested  in the person than the race. My household,the Clan Caldal,
has always had people of many races in it. Even when we started over 25
years ago in the deep South.  We, the people in the SCA , are only a
small minority and if we started excluding people because of their race
we would be even a smaller group. Similarities in thought and interest
have always been our first concern. If someone finds our game fun we want

Our main problem has been communicating to people of darker hue our real
interest in their participation in our club. Since we are studying
western Europe sometime people feel that they are limited to their racial
background in choosing  a persona in the SCA and sometimes this makes the
individual feel limited and so they do not join. If you look closely at
the persona makeup of people in the SCA you will find many blue eyed,
blond Japanese and Moors in the SCA. If I can believe in red haired
Japanese I can believe in a dark Norseman. 

I sure hope that the person asking the question will join and if they
need any help please feel free to contact me.

Duchess Willow de WIsp
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