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Tue Oct 10 11:08:45 PDT 2000

Well, I don't have the tons of years of experience, but I am Mexican decent 
and in my time of playing I have only met with one instance that made me 
upset. One a trip to Gulf wars me and my friends where referred to as a 
"truckload of Mexicans from Ansterorra" as we arrived on site.
Now there was one other person that was Hispanic but the rest of my friends 
weren't and I did take this as a great offense since I personally consider 
myself American.
But, I realized there are ignorant people anywhere and I wouldn't let them 
ruin the enjoyment of the event and the enjoyment of my hobby.
Hopefully, this will help you and hopefully I will meet you at an event. But 
I wanted to let people know not everything is perfect and that we are all 
human. But that I wouldn't live in a different kingdom, I enjoy being a 
Ansteorran to much.

Lady Monica de la Cueva
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