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Walter Robin aborman at
Tue Oct 10 12:17:54 PDT 2000

>From Mooneschadowe, Ld Jean Paul de Sens was awarded a well-deserved Thistle
for Brewing! His & Ly Gilyan's work figured prominently in our gift baskets
for Pennsic, to the Crown, and at Guardian.

His Majesty requested a brew sample from Jean Paul, and drank it WITHOUT
have it tested first. And this, so soon after having noted the presence of
assassins among us! Certainly, Jean Paul is a trustworthy subject, as is, I
dare say any of our Shire, but your Majesty, I pray you be cautious! Long
live the King! Long live the Queen!

HE Catrin of the Eldern Hills urged us in the North to muster our forces,
and gather our steeds for the coming war with Trimaris. She also presented
Their Majesties with steeds of their own. (What? You've got a pair of
coconuts an' you're bangin' 'em together...)

I thought the Namron Court was quite well done, and ranks among the most
enjoyable & entertaining courts that I've attended.
The pacing was good, and Their Majesties were in fine form, as were Their

Ld Walter Robin,
Seneschal, Mooneschadowe

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