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Tue Oct 10 14:11:48 PDT 2000

My Lady
Welcome and well met.  It might hearten you to know that the current Queen of
the East Kingdom, HRM Isabella of York is a lady of African-American descent.
She has acheived peerage as a Laurel for her excellence in Elizabethan Costume
and is the founder of the Guilded Pearl guild - an SCA wide guild devoted to the
study of the Renaissance period.  You can contact her at:
twest-crowe at and see info about the guild at:

During my 20 years in the SCA - I have found it to be truely a place where
everyone's "dreams" are equal.  Any member can participate as much or as little
as they feel comfortable.  The world can be peopled with callused and bigoted
folk but the SCA seems to attract  few of them, perhaps because our values of
honor and chivalry are at odds with their lifestyle.

I hope you find us the warm and caring people that we style ourselves to be.

Mistress Tamlin du Bois Vert OL

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