ANST - SCA and color

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at
Tue Oct 10 18:20:19 PDT 2000


Mistress Xene here:

I was just reading the Byzantine Epic poem, "Digenes Akrites", and there is
a description of the main character's father which stated that the Emir (the
father) is dark, but not as dark as an Ethiope (Ethiopian).  There was quite
awhile in history where Egypt, Ethiopia and Morocco were part of the Eastern
Holy Roman Empire - Byzantium - and were considered to be Roman.  "Digenes
Akrites" dates from about the 11th century (as far as I can remember without
looking it up).

It's interesting, but some of the current day fashions for women of color
include hats and large collars that look *very* Byzantine!!  Not that I'm
trying to influence you on your choice of persona, but...... Byzantine is

in Service,


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