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> Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 08:34:51 -0500
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> Subject: Re: ANST - SCA in print
>     it is a delicate situation - what is the SCA's view and feelings
> on people of .....darker skin complexions, participating and/or
> joining the SCA and the events.  in other words, will there be a
> problem ???   i do not want any more problems in life, i have
> enough.....   i can always continue doing my own thing without
> an organization to share it with, but i think it would
> be nice to share !!!
>     thank you for your honesty and responses.
> always a lady....

I have never noticed it being an issue, and I have lived in multiple
Kingdoms and played in many more.  You will always find the occasional
bigot, but I have seen persons of all shades of skin colour playing in the
SCA, at every rank.  As long as they follow the rules about pre-1600 garb
etc. and make an effort to fit in otherwise there should be no problems.

Doesn't matter colour of skin -- if you are obnoxious, people are not going
to like you.  When you're new, it's harder to fit in.  At an event where you
know almost nobody, don't be surprised if people ignore you in favour of
their friends (so, make sure you travel with a friend!).  And it's more fun
when you have an organization around you, as you will have the opportunity
to learn things you never otherwise thought possible (leather tooling?
shoemaking? that people in Nordskogen never heard of crawdads much less know
how to eat them? reversible blackwork? where to buy.....?)

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