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And not just 3rd class mail is getting delayed.  My Blackstar (first class mail, I pay the extra) was postmarked 26 September, and I didn't receive it until October 4th.  Eight days for a first class delivery from Austin is pretty poor postal service.

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>~Greetings Everyone.
>Alex here with alittle insight about the vast and mysterious ways of the Post Office. 
>For some odd reason, the Dallas Main Office (where all mail is processed before coming north) is kinda like.. well a black hole. Things go in, but sometimes they don't come out for weeks. People who live around the area of H.L. Gala are lucky because the mail in the southern section of texas is processed in austin or houston, who have slightly smaller facilities and slightly less volume. It all has do with regions and codes and a whole bunch of other things that I've forgotten since I talked with my mom, (a 23 year postal veteran)
>Another problem is that 3rd class bulk mail has almost the lowest sort and process codes of anything that you can send through the P.O. It's processed after all the 1st, 2nd, and priority stuff is done, or on a need to process basis. I know, it doesn't make alot of sense, but there it is.

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