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Wed Oct 11 08:35:13 PDT 2000

Unto the Noble Gentles of Ansteorra come these greetings from Muirgheal the 
Decker of Halls for Crown Tourney:
We all do know that a fine Heraldic Display enhances any event--especially 
Crown Tourney--I am sending out an invitation for everyone who can to bring 
his or her banner.  We will have a way of hanging them in the hall which 
requires no effort (or pushpins, or duct tape, or ladders) on your part.  
Bring your banner to the hall, and find either myself, or any young page 
wearing a black baldric, and we will hang it for you.  
Come, enjoy the event, and bring your banner so it can proudly announce your 
presence among us!!  
Muirgheal nic Sitheach of House Ironhorse
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