ANST - SCA and color

folksinger folksinger at
Wed Oct 11 09:23:22 PDT 2000

Being a red head (well formerly) of Japanese heritage (actually half) I 
commend you your grace... Eloquently put.

. If you look closely at
>the persona makeup of people in the SCA you will find many blue eyed,
>blond Japanese and Moors in the SCA. If I can believe in red haired
>Japanese I can believe in a dark Norseman.
>I sure hope that the person asking the question will join and if they
>need any help please feel free to contact me.
>Duchess Willow de WIsp
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Ldy Mirella de Bastianni
Ward to Duke Sigmund the Wingfooted
Stargate in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

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