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> >     it is a delicate situation - what is the SCA's view and feelings
> > on people of .....darker skin complexions, participating and/or
> > joining the SCA and the events.  in other words, will there be a
> > problem ???   i do not want any more problems in life, i have
> > enough.....   i can always continue doing my own thing without
> > an organization to share it with, but i think it would
> > be nice to share !!!
> >
> >     thank you for your honesty and responses.
> >
> > always a lady....

Greetings and welcome,
    I have never noticed a problem either in all my 16 years with this
group. Having grown up with a very bigoted father I tend to notice those
things, having fought so hard to get away from them.
People will be people anywhere but thankfully with this group we see less of
those type problems. I tend to agree it's because of the principals upon
which we're based.
     Know that you are welcome in Namron (Norman, OK) any time. If you are
being overlooked at an event it is generally not deliberate. People get so
caught up in what they are doing that a lot of times they don't noticed the
lost look in the face of our new people. Generally, a question or two about
what is going on will elicit you more help than you know what to do with.
Don't be shy, ask questions, we'd love to educate you. When you get some of
us started it's hard to shut us up about our beloved hobby.
    So again I say to you, welcome. Please introduce yourself, if we are
ever at the same event I'd love to meet you. Look for the tornado on the hat
or banner (I know, sick and twisted sense of humor, but when you live in
tornado alley it's that or run screaming into the night) and you'll find
myself or my lord husband.

May the dream we share enrich your life half as much as it has mine and
you'll be well and truly blessed.

Baroness of Namron

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