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Wed Oct 11 16:44:58 PDT 2000

"Michael F. Gunter" wrote:
> > that people in Nordskogen never heard of crawdads much less know
> > how to eat them?
> >
> >                                                     ---= Morgan
> Is Nordskogen in Sweden? If so then I have to tell you that in Sweden
> eating crawfish is very popular. They boil them up, usually with lemon
> and dill and eat them piled on the table with lots of dark bread, beer
> and aquivit.
> Gunthar

For those who might be interested in more details on the eating of
crawfish in period, check this file in the FOOD section of my
exotic-meats-msg  (63K)  9/27/00    Period and SCA exotic meats. Swans,
                                       crawfish, dormice.

There may also be some recipes in this file:
seafood-msg       (65K)  9/ 6/00    Medieval non-fish seafood. Recipes.

stefan at

PS: I'd love to see more seafood and fish at SCA feasts. The fish at
last Namron Protectorate was wonderful!
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