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Morgan Cain morgancain at
Wed Oct 11 22:27:09 PDT 2000

> > that people in Nordskogen never heard of crawdads much less know
> > how to eat them?
> >
> Is Nordskogen in Sweden? If so then I have to tell you that in Sweden
> eating crawfish is very popular. They boil them up, usually with lemon
> and dill and eat them piled on the table with lots of dark bread, beer
> and aquivit.

Nope, it's in Northshield (Midrealm, north of Calontir).  I have many
friends and a few relatives up there, and whether blood or time I still
don't understand some things about them.  (I think the area was settled by
Norwegians and not Swedes, which may be why they were confused.  Couldn't
understand why we ate bugs.)

And yes, Stefan, it was a completely period feast, even to things being
grown in hand-tilled fields, by Mistress Aramanthra, who is a Laurel for her
cooking and research on same.  I still remember the leftovers from this one
quite fondly.

                                                ---= Morgan

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