ANST - RE: Northshield and crawdads... :)

Michael Smith morgunn at
Thu Oct 12 06:56:05 PDT 2000

As a proud Northshield expatriot, I can state that the general makeup of the
area is scandanavian...Norwegian, Swede and some Finns.  Additionally, there
are a lot of Germans.

And I can assure you all, most Northshield folks know what crawdads are.  :)
  Crayfish grow abundantly in lakes in Minnesota, as well.

Morgan Buchanan

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From: Morgan Cain [mailto:morgancain at]

Nope, it's in Northshield (Midrealm, north of Calontir).  I have many
friends and a few relatives up there, and whether blood or time I still
don't understand some things about them.  (I think the area was settled by
Norwegians and not Swedes, which may be why they were confused.  Couldn't
understand why we ate bugs.)

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