Twister humor? was: Re: ANST - (SCA and Color)

Jennene Stanley mooharpist at
Thu Oct 12 08:25:39 PDT 2000

> I see!  Is it the twisted sense of humor that has the twister on y'alls
> arms?

Not only do we live in Tornado Alley, but with National Severe Storms Lab,
NNSF, OU Meteorology and Oklahoma Climatological Survey, we have a
over-population of meteorologists living in Namron. Can't swing a stick
without hitting one.

Which makes me wonder with the creation of 4 new "Storms" this last weekend,
I wonder what NexRAD looked like on Saturday. Squall of Storms?

I really need to stop hanging around with the weather geeks.

Married to the biggest weather geek of all,
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