ANST - Thank you

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at
Thu Oct 12 14:38:05 PDT 2000

As Kitchener for the Namron Protectorate Feast, I would like to thank Aeddan
ap Trahearn, his lady, Gwennan, Johann Gunnbjornsson, Owen Stott, Constance
MacLeod, Taz and the hoard of helpers whose names I never caught, for their
assistance in the kitchen.  It would have been hard to make the feast happen
without you.

Of the servers and entertainers, I am certain only of Vanessa de Verona,
Annais de Montgomerie, and Valia of Mare's Mist, but please know that named
or unnamed, I appreciate your service on behalf of my Barony.

Thank you one and all for a job well done.

(Baric Firehand)
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