ANST - Postage, And Black Holes

harry billings psobaka at
Thu Oct 12 17:08:32 PDT 2000

Far away long ago when I was a lot younger my brother sent his girl a
"Christmas" present from Germany. Sent it early like Sept or Oct the PO
knowing that they were sweet on one onother keept it till Christmas, well
actuly it was more like mid Arp.
>	Hmmm... I'm not ready to concede that people are "lucky" whose mail is
>processed in Houston. My Mom retired from the P.O. in southeast Texas,
>and I've heard a few horror stories of my own.
>	I think pretty much all mail processing stations are black holes. It's
>just the bigger they are and the more mail they get, the blacker and
>holier they become.
>						Iain MacCrimmon
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