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Wed Oct 11 20:18:39 PDT 2000

specifically-Melinda(?) who asks how persons of color are treated within
the dream in general, and Ansteorra in particular.

This comment is much delayed; I am far in spirit from the dream these
days. But the age of wonders is far from ended--a great relay machine
can get a message to places >it< would not believe!

Once at an event, you will be surrounded by magic.  These are people
consciously being the best they can be. The failures are awesome.  The
successes are the stuff of legend.  If you believe--you belong. Your own
legends are waiting.

I would state only two cautions.  Ya gotta get to and from.  You have
heard from living legends, who can warp reality when they work at
it.(Your Grace! Sir Burke! I've seen you do it!) A Black Spot in funny
clothes, driving through a small southern town after dark >is<,
as your instincts tell you, in a strange part of the performance
envelope, one wrong decision from a whole lotta trouble.  How good do
you talk?  Get better. (Bards are always welcome!)  Travel with mundane
clothes. Mundane-low profile-mundanes.  See if you can ride with a
group. (That adds to the fun anyway.)

Second---Beware!  It feels so good in there!
If you expect your boss, or your significant other to treat you like a
knight would, you are cruising for a bruising on a short road.  The
dream is refuge and inspiration-but you must awaken sometime. Be ready.
Don't expect to bring it home with you.

But keep trying. I would so love to be proven wrong on that...

For the Steppes, and for Ansteorra--


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