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<< I also found that acting courteously and chivalrously was as effective and 
at home and at work as it was at an event.  I found that if I expected 
and my family to behave with personal honor that they tended to want to live
up to my best expectations of them.


 You *should* expect to take the SCA home with you!

I agree completely!

I have tried to live these ideals in my life since I was very young.  These 
things were all a part of my everyday way of living long before I ever knew 
the SCA existed, and I have found the same in many of my friends in the 

People do seem to live up, or down, to our expectations and in the society 
our expectations are high!  I have found that the folks I know who live up to 
the highest expectations don't turn these good qualities on and off at will.  
It either always was, or has become, who and what they are.  

It is sometimes good to remember that you get what you give.  If you show 
others honor, respect, chivalry, and all the good things that go with them, 
you will likely receive the same.

Sigen Northkeep
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