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Thu Oct 12 08:37:37 PDT 2000

gunnora at wrote:

> Rupert from Steppes said:
> >If you expect your boss, or your significant other to treat
> >you like a knight would, you are cruising for a bruising on a
> >short road.  The dream is refuge and inspiration-but you must
> >awaken sometime. Be ready. Don't expect to bring it home with
> >you.
> I strenuously and emphatically must disagree with Rupert.
> I think you *should* expect your spouse to treat you with honor, consideration,
> chivalry and courtesy. If he or she doesn't you need a new spouse!

Hear! Hear!
I agree with Gunnora! You have to take home the "code of conduct"! I do not believe it can be
taken on and off like a jacket to be worn only when in the SCA. I know to many who do just
that;  they think chivalry and courtesy are for others. I think in history these same people
would have become tyrants.
I do not have the eloquence of words as Gunnora but I do believe there are some who forget they
have other priorities that allow them to play the "game" and get caught up in a "time wrap" and
these persons need to know that reality is what allows us to play in the SCA. If others in
reality are unwilling to share your "code of conduct" then teach them by example. If it causes
so much stress then change the circumstances to relieve the stress - a new job, a new mate, a
new way of life etc.- and don't worry what others think. If it is right for you and you are
happier without causing extreme hardship or causing harm to others (children or others who can
not care for themselves) then make the changes. I did and I am a lot happier and feel better
than I have in many years. Who knows you may find a person you forgot existed?
If you ever see me at events ask what I do in the real world to unpleasant people and places.

Regina Gunnvor Morningstar

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