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Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at
Fri Oct 13 15:37:39 PDT 2000

Greetings my friends,

I finally have some new photos available. A few from Raven's Fort's
"Defender of the Fort", 10 pages worth of Elfsea Defender (biased, who me?)
and 2 pages from Blacklake's Western Sentinel. Describing these is an ever
time consuming process, so many have yet to be captioned. However, with
Crown under way, I new I'd fall too far behind if I waited much longer. Many
thanks to all those who have contributed photos and descriptions. To Afrena
Ui'Dunlainghe for taking the Raven's Fort photos and to Lady Simone,
Afrena's daughter, for sending them. To Countess Kayleigh, *Lord* Dunstan Æ
Petrokes Stowe and Lord Robert of Slugglen for the extra photos from
Elfsea's Defender. And, of course, to my lovely ladywife, Lady Ameline du
Bois for all of the Western Sentinel photos. Please accept my apologies if I
failed to thank your efforts. With so many wonderful people helping me, I'm
sure I've left out someone. The links are: For the Contents Page Raven's Fort Defender of the Fort
2000 Elfsea's Defender 2000 Blacklake's Western Sentinel 2000

(I was particularly pleased with several of the Equestrian photos on page 3
of the Elfsea Defender event.)

By the way, I received some awesome photos of Their Majesties' new tattoos
that They acquired following Bjornsborg's Day in Constantinople. I'll let
you know as soon as they're on public display someplace.

In service to Kingdom and Crown,
Ld. Armand Dragonetti
Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol

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