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> Rupert from Steppes said:
> >If you expect your boss, or your significant other to treat 
> >you like a knight would, you are cruising for a bruising on a 
> >short road.  The dream is refuge and inspiration-but you must 
> >awaken sometime. Be ready. Don't expect to bring it home with 
> >you.
> I strenuously and emphatically must disagree with Rupert.  
> I think you *should* expect your spouse to treat you with honor, 
> consideration,
> chivalry and courtesy. If he or she doesn't you need a new spouse!  


	First off, I would like it to be emphatically clear that I agree with
what you have said.

	But I must admit, M'Lord Rupert does have a point.

	While we all try to "lead by example", and hopefully get a few people to
realize that honor and courtesy really DO have value, that fact remains
that we are still dealing with the mundane world. 
	We are all taught as children that we shouldn't lie, cheat or steal.
Then we grow up and we find ourselves surrounded by folks who seem to
think that "well, but it's okay to lie to your boss, it's okay to cheat
on your spouse, it's okay to steal from the government or the company you
work for". 
	While I don't think such things should be casually accepted as no big
deal, neither do I think there is much to be gained by breaking your
heart expecting everyone to live to a standard most of them never get to
experience. Change those whom you can. Don't let the rest drain the joy
from your life.

	When your opponents outnumber you by thousands to one, be pleased and
proud if you can fight a successful holding action, rather than being
disappointed because you were unable to sweep the field.

							Still Dreaming,

								Iain MacCrimmon
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