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> > While we all try to "lead by example", and hopefully get a few people to
> realize that honor and courtesy really DO have value, that fact remains
> that we are still dealing with the mundane world.
> We are all taught as children that we shouldn't lie, cheat or steal.
> Then we grow up and we find ourselves surrounded by folks who seem to
> think that "well, but it's okay to lie to your boss, it's okay to cheat
> on your spouse, it's okay to steal from the government or the company you
> work for".
> While I don't think such things should be casually accepted as no big
> deal, neither do I think there is much to be gained by breaking your
> heart expecting everyone to live to a standard most of them never get to
> experience. Change those whom you can. Don't let the rest drain the joy
> from your life.
> Still Dreaming,
> Iain MacCrimmon

Dear Brother,
    I am afraid I must disagree with you.  I have always taught my children
(both by blood and in the household) that you must maintain a certain
behavior, and you do not accept anything less.  If you are not willing to
"give" it then you cannot expect to "get" it, but you also do not have to
accept bad behavior just because it is the norm.  I do not use bad language
and I let it be known that I will not tolerate it's use around me.  I am not
shy about telling anyone that.  This can be delicate in the workplace, but
can be done and I feel it is important to do it.  Even the boss should be
expected to mantain a certain decorum if politely asked.  But you will get
no respect or cooperation if you don't reflect the image that deserves it.
You can't complain about people's language if you cuss like a sailor.
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