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Mon Oct 16 20:27:49 PDT 2000


Just finished the first email of contact information for those who
signed up for additional information about the SCA.  These are from the
first two weeks.  Week two was slow (only 14 names) because of rain and
cold.  Here's the breakdown of where the folks were from.

Bjornsborg, 4,
Bordermarch, 2
Bryn Gwlad, 6,
Elfsea, 2
Ffynnon Gath, 1
Gate's Edge, 1
Loch Sollier, 5
Loch Ruadh, 1
Raven's Fort, 1
Rosenfeld, 1
Seawinds , 1
Shadowlands, 5,
Stargate, 8,
Steppes 1
Westgate, 3

Notes:  If a couple signed up, I counted them as two).  There are also a
few partial Houston??  addresses that I'll have to figure well
as 10ish email addresses given without other information.  Overall, I
was impressed with the number of folks from outside the greater Houston
area who signed up.

Now let's hope they show up...

Kingdom Hospitaler

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