ANST - Third TRF Weekend Demo

Gerald L. Norris Jr. jerryn at
Tue Oct 17 04:23:18 PDT 2000

Greetings unto all, I am Gerald of Leesville, deputy liaison for the SCA
presence at Texas Rennaisance Festival.

There is more information concerning the SCA presence at the TRF available
at HE David St. David is maintaining
the site and we try to keep it as up to date as possible.  Information
concerning obtaining passes, fight times, and sponsored weekends are
available as well.

I hope to encourage any who are interested to show up this and other
weekends to help show off our Society.  I would also like to remind all
sponsoring groups that we must have some people signed up for activities in
the afternoon/evening portion of Sunday as well as Saturday, since the site
doesn't close until 8 pm.

Last weekend's sponsor of the TRF demo was the Shire of the Shadowlands.  I
would like to thank them for their hard work as well as everyone else who
showed up and once again did a wonderful job of displaying their arts and
sciences at the compound.  Lord Paidrig O'Mullan was the Autocrat this
weekend and the people of Shadowlands showed up in good style.  They were
accompanied by a contingent from Bryn Gwalad (huzzah!).  Good weather
provided an excellent opportunity for the artisans to display their
craftwork, and the fighting on the mound was vigorous.  Stew was provided as
feast Saturday night in the camping area.  Vivat the Shadowlands!

This weekend's sponsor is the barony of Loch Sollier, and Jenny of Loch
Sollier is the autocrat.

A quick reminder that garb is required and that shoes that look period (no
sneakers, loafers, etc.) are required as well.  Hats must be worn while in
sight of the public while within the compound.  There is a smoking area
behind the compound but no smoking is allowed w/in the compound or just
outside of it.

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am
Gerald L. Norris Jr. -- Houston, Tx.
Gerald of Leesville, a bard of Stargate -- Kingdom  :  Ansteorra
Husband, father, lover, singer, writer

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