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Judy Nesmith ladydunpiobair at
Wed Oct 18 12:47:40 PDT 2000

9th Annual Celtic Heritage Festival Demo Thank You

The Canton of Lindenwood, the Celtic Heritage Festival
Board, Lord Donald MacDonald and I wish to thank the
following people:

Barony of The Steppes

Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino
Lord John de Irwin
Lady Elspeth de Forbeys
Lady Lete Bithespring
Lord Iain MacCrimmon
Honorable Lady Suzanna the Herbalist
Lady Siobhan nic Ghoilla Mhin
Lord Agilwulf the Loud
Fionna O'Shaughnessey
Frayman Sigfrith Wolfsig
and wee one 

Canton of Lindenwood

Lady Elsbeth Ashbald the Undecided
Lord Germanicus de Atlan
Sunnifa Eiriksdottir
Lord Colin Crawford
Dar Halen
Robin Kelly
Ron Kelly
Lady Adriana Hambleton
Lord Edward of Cobbleheath
Laird Duncan MacCrimmon
Marjory Macrae
Albrecht von Landshut
Stacie Stokes
Laurel the Baker

Barony of Elfsea

Eleanor of Cleavley
Little Foot of Falcon Rose Keep
Big Foot of Falcon Rose Keep
Lord Daire de Haya
Lady Medb Laith
Caoilfhinn the Bratling
Jennifer of Falcon Rose Keep
Trystan the Black
Sebastian de la Mesa
Don Alaric Greythorne

Dragonsfire Tor

Ailegnan mac Adea meic Canann

Incipient College of Three Bridges

Lady Aurelia Yverneau
Lord Seamus Del gCais

Each and every one of these people helped to make this
the BEST Celtic Heritage Festival demo Lindenwood has
ever had.  Words cannot express the gratitude the
Canton feels for the excellent efforts they put forth.
 All of them deserve great word fame.

In Service, 
Lady Siobhan nig Fhloinn ui Donnabhain
Celtic Heritage Festival Board/SCA liaison

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