ANST - Halloween Party!

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Sat Oct 21 07:36:17 PDT 2000

Greetings to the list!  For anyone who would like to travel to the 
Carrollton Texas area...

I wanted to invite everyone to our annual Halloween Party.

Those of you who have made it in the past or to the Easter Party, know that 
this is my twice annual chance to make a big deal over my favorite childhood 

Traditionally this party is a pot luck, we start at sun down by taking the 
kids trick or treating until they surrender, then we have food, bad scary 
movies, a costume contest or two, and the upstairs bar is open to the 
adults.  Somewhere in here we have a pinata!

The teenagers this year have asked that we make a place for them to dance, 
so the back patio is where we will be sending them to dance and hang out 
with the stereo.

Everyone is welcome, children are highly encouraged, however, if you don't 
have any of your own, certainly one or two at the party will find you 

What to bring.

Yourself, in costume, preferably non SCA.

A pillow case or some kind of candy receptacle for Trick or Treating (if you 
or your child plan on doing this part)

Chairs if you have traveling ones.

Food to share, contact me the week before for ideas/suggestions.

We have a very friendly and safe neighborhood, and is very kid friendly.  I 
hope to see many of you Halloween night.

When:  Why, Halloween of course!

Where:  Duncan & Larissa's  email for directions ladyoftherose at

Will Duncan be BBQing, do you really need to ask *L*


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