ANST - More News on Jasmina O' Rurake mka Rhianna Faulkenberry

penningtonhall penningtonhall at
Sat Oct 21 17:53:05 PDT 2000

I have just returned from the hospital.  Rhianna is responding well to
peoples voices.  She is squeezing our hands and moving her feet when we
speak to her.  She is good friends with my daughter and responded very
nicely to her.

She has three bruises to her brain, two mild ones in front and one in  the
area that controls her breathing where she has some slight swelling. She is
on medications to help control the swelling.  All of her vital signs are
great, and her coloring is good.

The doctors and family are very optimistic about her outcome and her

We will be visiting again tomorrow and will post update when we return.

Ldy Mary Elizabeth

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