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Sat Oct 21 20:48:41 PDT 2000

First of all on behalf of Rhianna's parents, thank you for all your thoughts
and prayers.

As of 10:30 Saturday night there has been no change.  She is still
responding and trying to pull the tubes out.  Which is great, it means that
she is trying to come back to us.

Beth and Matt are holding in there.  They are still very optimistic.  In
case you didn't know Beth is 3 months pregnant, we are all worried about her
also.  They are surrounded by friends and family that are making sure that
they are taking care of themselves.

I am currently taking donations to help them defray they expenses they are

Beth and Matt are having to pay for a room for themselves at the hospital so
they can be near her at all times.  Also they are eating all their meals
there.  As it may be several days before they are able to return home this
could get quite expensive.  Beth said that any help would be greatly

Please contact myself or Duchess Larissa if you wish to donate.

I can be reached at Penningtonhall at or 972-420-9637 although I plan
on being at the hospital most of the day on Sunday.

Duchess Larissa may be reached at ladyoftherose at

The number to the ICU waiting room is 214-947-3395.

Ldy Mary Elizabeth
mka Annette Brauer

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