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This is a repost from September 7th on this list. You do need a letter of
intent according to it.

Greetings from Mistress Clare RosMuire St. John

Artisans who are desiring to participate in this years Laurel's Prize
Tourney will need to submit a letter of intent, stating the following

Name - both mundane and SCA
physical address and phone number
email address
physical needs (i.e. floor space, half table, whole table)
any special considerations (wheel chair access, gravity boots, etc.)
if you wish to be situated near others or if you wish to share table space.

Artisans need to be aware that this is for a body of work rather than one
or two individual items.

Letters of Intent need to be sent to

Mistress Clare RosMuire St. John
c/o N. D. Wederstrandt
2250 Ridgepoint Dr. Apt 1208
Austin, Texas 78754

nweders at

Letters of intent will be accepted until the Wednesday before the event.
Confirmation will be sent upon receipt of letter.

Any questions will be either answered to submitted to the autocrats.

Thank you.

Franchesca Havas
McKinney, Texas

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> Hello all
> I need to find out whom I need to contact to reserve a table for
> Laurel's Prize.  I thought I had a message with that info and now that I
> have quit procrastinating and was going to respond to it, i can't find
> it.
> Many thanks,
> Alexandria
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