ANST - Laurel Prize Tourney letters of intent

Rod Jackson culn97 at
Sun Oct 22 15:43:17 PDT 2000

Greetings All,

I spoke with the Steward ,Baron Theodric Afhaims, of
this event this afternoon and he stated emphatically
that Letters of Intent ARE NOT REQUIRED.

His Excellency is not on this list, but has asked that
I post the contact information:

Telephone: (254)771-5037

email: ctwilliams at

All artisans are encouraged to enter this
non-competitive display so that you can have an
opportunity to have the Laurels review your work. 
There will be at least 100 tables available.  This is
not a competition.  There are no winners or loosers. 
Largess is encouraged if you appreciate an artisans

Thank you.

Your Servant,

Ld Colin McCrandall
Herald, Shire of Tempio

--- Chiara <chiara at> wrote:
> My apologies on that. I thought it did not get
> posted the first time around
> and the second one did. At this point since someone
> else did post that the
> Black Star announcement states that no letters of
> intent are needed it would
> be best to contact the autocrats for a clarification
> and not depend on the
> internet for explanations.
> Sincerely,
> Franchesca Havas
> McKinney, Texas
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> > Here is a reposting of the information on Laurels.
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