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Mon Oct 23 20:58:51 PDT 2000

Very glad to hear this.Been ckecking the mail off and
on all day for news on her. Did they get the party
Ian McCollum and family,and Ponca group
--- penningtonhall <penningtonhall at>
> I just got back from the hospital.
> Rhianna managed to pull all of her tubes out, but
> since she is doing so well
> the doctor decided to wait and see if they will have
> to intubate her again.
> She is breathing on her own,  she is still receiving
> oxygen as a precaution.
> She did tell her father that she loved him, and does
> recognizes everyone
> that she sees.   When my daughter entered the room
> and we told her, she
> started searching for her hand and when she found it
> she held on tight.
> While she is not completely awake yet, her diagnosis
> is good. So far there
> are no signs of brain damage, though the family
> knows that it is too soon to
> tell if there is any.
> We know that she still has a long way to go, and do
> understand that there
> may be set backs along the way, but in the end
> everything will be fine.  She
> is young and healthy which is in her favor.  And she
> is surrounded by family
> and friends that loves her very much.
> Matt and Beth are very grateful for the wonderful
> support and outpouring of
> love they have received from across the kingdom.
> I will keep you posted.
> Ldy Mary Elizabeth
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