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Actually it wasn't the drivers fault.   She ran out in front of him giving
him no time to stop.  He was doing the speed limit and did not receive a
citation for the accident.  The parents and family understand and do not
blame the driver.

This is a good time for parents to stress the point of looking both ways
before you cross the street.  Things would be much different now if Rhianna
had done so.  Also drivers be aware of the children on the sidewalks.  I had
a couple of teenagers walk out into the street in front of me without
looking just last week.  When they saw me they seemed totally unfazed that I
was a few feet from them.   Fortunately I was going slow since I was in a
residential area.   I always slow down to 15 mph in my neighborhood because
there are so many children there.

Ldy Mary Elizabeth

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> Very glad to hear this.Been ckecking the mail off and
> on all day for news on her. Did they get the party
> responsible?
> Ian McCollum and family,and Ponca group

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