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Tue Oct 24 13:28:51 PDT 2000

Lord Jean Paul de Sens asked:
> Sir Alexis.
> If he (or anyone else) could get it to me I'd appreciate it as I had some questions on hardening steel :)

I'm not sure if you have questions that only he can answer or
whether you are looking for general information and resources on
hardening stee or just what.

The specific techniques will vary a bit depending upon the 
composition of the steel you are using.

If you are doing bladework, I have heard these books highly

All are in print and available from Paladin Press, P.O. Box 1307,
Colorado, 80306, USA...

Also my mailing address is:

Dr. J.P. Hrisoulas
Salamander Armoury
330 South Decatur, ste 109
Las Vegas, NV 89017 USA.

Here are some of the files in my Florilegium CRAFTS section that
might be of use:
bladesmithing-msg (49K)  4/ 5/00    Steel sources, making knives and
metals-msg        (25K)  1/14/00    Medieval and modern metals and
metal-sources-msg (10K)  6/ 7/99    Sources and merchants for metals.
metalworking-FAQ  (50K)  5/16/95    FAQ from the metalworking newsgroup.
metalworking-msg  (41K)  2/13/96    gauge thicknesses, inlays.

My Florilegium files are on the web at:

Lord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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