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Janece Suarez Janece at
Tue Oct 24 18:10:25 PDT 2000

It has already happened in some areas! A town over from us (Owasso), they
put in a new WalMart SuperCenter and the fabric area is like this. We
stopped to marvel at the store in general last Thursday since my sister
started working there. It was horrifying! Everything was precut, prepackaged
and hung on little hooks, sorted by color. It was maybe half the size of the
regular fabric departments. There was no cutting table, and no employees in
the area at all. My first thought was "Oh, my gosh! How dumb do they think
we are???" It's bad. No fat quarter bins, no remnant bins, no sales, almost
no notions, no patterns that I saw, no speciality fabrics. Some of the
fabrics, you couldn't even see the pattern/print unless you picked up the
package and turned it over and looked at the tiny picture on the back.
Impossible to match colors unless you just accepted their suggestions! The
quantity options were 2, 3, 5 and 7 yards, but not every fabric was
available in all sizes. Most had just one size available, if that was too
much, tough! Like my daughter says, "It was EW!".

Lady Sioned
from the Tulsa area

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>Gilli wrote:
>Personnally, I just signed it, I think this should go out on the Announce
>list.  I'm pretty sure it could affect a lot of us, should it happen.

>> Please pass this along to others!  I just got it this morning and my
>> reaction was OH NO!!!
>> Thanks!
>> Larissa

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