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Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Wed Oct 25 09:39:32 PDT 2000

Thank You!

If you have been to the archers section of the Three Kings website you will
notice that we are up over 50 archers! I know there are still some archers
out there who have not signed up. Looks like for the first time in Ansteorra
history that I know of we can do some real volley fire from a large group of


Now for a message from Edward III

Unto the nobles of France and the most exalted pope in Rome. Do I make my
claim upon the Throne of France. Phillip you can surrender now and save
yourself, your nobles, your knights, and your maid the embarrassment of
being defeated by the power and courage of the Lions of England.
Phillip VI show yourself that are a wise and noble man and release your
claim on the throne for the good of France.

I look forward to receiving your surrender!

Edward III
King of England and Rightful King of France

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