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Thu Sep 14 19:46:39 PDT 2000

Unto the good gentles of Ansteorra, comes before you Lady Isabeau
Quiquandon, Stargate Baronial Event Steward

Please pardon this "very" lengthy missive but I saw no other way to give
my staff of volunteers the recognition they all deserve.  I have many
thanks to make and wished to do so publicly because I am so very proud
of the hard work these fine individuals did for me.  Without their hard
work and dedication this event would not have been as wonderful as it
was.  It is all of you who should receive the lion's share of the thanks
for a job well done.  You made my first time event stewarding duties
most enjoyable and one that was trouble (and stress) free.  You have
shown what it means to be from the Barony of Stargate and have done her
proud.  VIVAT to each and every one of you.

To their Majesties Timotheos and Allyson, thank you for gracing us with
your wonderful presence, even though it was pretty much a command
performance.  Anytime you are in our Barony it is a cause for

To their Excellencies, Godwin and Lissa, thank you for the help where it
was needed; chivalric marshaling, setting up the list field, sitting
Gate and hauling "stuff" to mention a few.

To their Excellencies, Michael and Neassa, what can say but thank you
again for having the faith and confidence you placed in me to handle
Stargate's Baronial (turned Investiture) and choosing this event in
which to pass on the baronial coronets.  It was hard work but done with
a lot of love.  Receiving my Sable Thistle from you in your last court
will be a memory I will cherish and hold dear to my heart.

HL Signy Gandalvsdottir, my dear lady and someone I'm proud to call my
friend.  You were always there when I needed you with my endless
questions and your tireless support.  Thank you for coordinating Gate
and being the Royal Liaison.  You had a wonderful staff of individuals
that I'm sure you are proud of.  And Congratulation on your Iris, on one
was more deserving.

Don Modius, many thanks for your service on the rapier list.  It's
always a pleasure to know that you can call on someone then simply let
go and know that it will be taken care of in an outstanding fashion.

Lord Christoforo and Lady Suannoch, I really don't know where to start. 
Both of you were always there for moral support when I needed it. 
Christoforo thank you for being the runner between the lists and Lady
Suzanne.  I know she greatly appreciated it as it aided her in getting
the scrolls completed in time for evening court.  Suannoch, my dear
friend, when you offered to design the web page I really didn't know
what to expected but it sure wasn't anything near as wonderful as what
you gave me.  And, the feast tokens were beautiful, I know they will be
enjoyed by many (and I had fun helping make them too).  To both of you,
thank you for constantly shoving water at me, making me sit down to rest
and seeing that I ate all of which would have gone undone had it not
been for you.

To our amazing feast steward, Lord Vaclav, you couldn't have made a more
mouth watering feast, and for a first time feast steward at that. 
Although I must admit feta cheese, garlic and olives are all my
favorites.  I heard nothing but good things about the feast.  A special
thanks to Lady Seren and Lord Béoán for helping kitchen.  I know it was
greatly appreciated.

Spider, I'm sorry to hear that this will be your last breakfast for
Stargate Baronial.  But, I am glad that I was the last and the one that
will be remembered most.

To her Excellency Rebekah and Lady Joy, thanks to both of you for doing
the list mistressing duties.  I apologize that I never made it either
pavilion to check in with you but I knew the lists were in very capable
hands.  I was told by many that the two of you were the best, now I know
for myself that to be true.

Lady Kathryn and Lady Lorraine, I am so happy you had a large attendance
in the equestrian championships.  I know hauling horses is not an easy
job but I would venture to say that the thrill of the list was well
worth it.  To Lady Lorraine, a huge thanks to you for hauling and
"baby-sitting" my four legged child even though I was unable to ride.  I
think his little trip from home helped.

Lord Wolfker and Lord Eadric I also apologize to you for not checking in
at your pavilion either during the day's events.  But I had it on good
word from Baron Talmon that all was in good hands and he was right.  To
Baron Talmon, we are very saddened that you were unable to attend our
event to carry out the duties you had so graciously accepted to do but
you were needed elsewhere more.  We pray for a your lady's complete and
speedy recovery.

Lady Vasilisa, I admire you for your creativity.  I could never come up
with the ideas you did to entertain our children.  I know the children
truly enjoyed the slip-n-slide and I feel safe in saying some adults
were probably envious.  And congratulation on your Compass Rose it was
truly deserved.

To H.L. Annes and Lady Elaine, thank you both for the wonderful job
coordinating the A&S and Bardic tourneys.  H.L. Annes, I know you were
impressed with the number of entries and also the number of Companions
of the Iris of Merit who came forward to judge.  Lady Elaine it appeared
that everyone who participated in Bardic truly enjoyed themselves both
children and adults.

Lord Stephen my thanks to you for doing the "nasty job".  This is not a
high profile type job but a very necessary one.  Thank you for stepping
forward to do it.  I think your idea of the Children's Bardic tourney
was enjoyed by all that participated.  Also, congratulations on your
Sable Crane.

Lady Caitlin, you were probably the most valuable person on the list
field.  Without your services our fighters and spectators would have
been in serious peril of succumbing to the heat.  I know the cold water
and gatorade was greatly appreciated.

Lord Thomas, what can say except that you do absolutely beautiful
woodworking.  The chests you made for our champions will be a cherished
prize to years to come.

Mistress Katilyn, all I can say is you did it again.  The decorations
were beautiful and the way court was set up it almost felt like we were
in a great castle hall.

To all those who donated prizes a heart felt thank you for filling our
champions' chest with wonderful prizes.  I wish I could name you all. 
Know that your donations were greatly appreciated.

Lady Suzanne, you continue to amaze me with your beautiful calligraphy
and illumination.  I'm envious of your talent.  Maybe I need to start
taking lessons from you J.

To Lord Christoforo, Lady Adela and H.L. Delphina, I think the Youth
Rapier Tourney was a great success by the number of entrants you had. 
It appears this event is off to a good start.

Lord Othar, your duties as the Court Herald for Their Excellencies
Michael and Neassa's last court were done with great style.

Lady Eibhlin, without you our web page would not have been posted,
announcements made in the Two Towers or the handouts printed.  And, Lord
Ihone, your heralding and help with set up did not go unnoticed.

To all those individuals who helped haul baronial equipment from the
storeroom and back, without you we would not have had the beautiful list
fields and court set up.

There are many who helped with setup and takedown that I wish to thank -
more than I can name.  Your service is proof of the dream we try
create.  It is people like you who make me proud to say I'm from
Ansteorra.  But, there are two individuals that seemed to go beyond that
which was necessary, to Michael of Greywood and Griffin, I truly thank
you for working until it was done.

Some may have noticed someone was conspicuously left out.  Not true, I
was saving the best for last.  Without his help, patience, understanding
and guidance I'm not sure Stargate's Baronial would have been what it
was.  H.L. Ihon, "thank you" is too little to express my thanks and
gratitude for all you had to endure these past six months.  This poor
man tolerated my endless questions, my "what ifs" and being my sounding
board.  He gave me strength, determination and encouragement when I
became unsure that I could handle this event.  When I volunteered for
Baronial I knew it was a big event for our Barony but when Their
Excellencies choose this event to step down I panicked.  H.L. Ihon gave
me the moral support and encouragement I needed to get the job done.  He
was also a workhorse all weekend doing whatever it was I asked of him. 
He even held a (mini) ball for those who wanted to dance Saturday night
even though he seemed as if he was walking in his sleep and wanted
nothing more than to go to bed.  Thank you again for being my rock.

Please forgive me if I have left anyone out, my brain is just a little
tired and my feet are still aching.  If I have forgotten anyone it was
not intentional.  Know that your help to see this event was a success
was due in part because of your help.

In service to Kingdom, Barony and the dream
Lady Isabeau Quiquandon, Event Steward Stargate Baronial
(m/k/a) Terri Walker
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