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Mon Apr 2 12:07:20 PDT 2001

Greetings Lady Taya,

I'm afraid I can't help you with the musicians, other than to
recommend getting a hold of the Bryn Gwlad musician's guild who
have performed at a number of events.

If you are still planning other aspects of your wedding you
might want to take a look at some of the files in the WEEDINGS
section of my Florilegium such as:
p-weddings-bib    (15K)  3/29/99    Bibliography of sources on period
                                       by Gunora Hallakarva.
wed-FAQ           (18K)  3/18/96    Intro. and table of contents for wed
wed-trad-FAQ      (63K)  3/18/96    Ceremonies, traditions. (sec. 1)
wed-invit-FAQ     (27K)  3/18/96    Invitation and Announcement ideas.
(sec. 2)
wed-attire-FAQ    (41K)  3/18/96    Clothing ideas. (sec. 3)
wed-flwrs-FAQ     (23K)  3/18/96    Using flowers for med. weddings.
(sec. 4)
wed-recept-FAQ    (50K)  3/18/96    Reception ideas for med. weddings.
(sec. 5)
wed-feasts-FAQ     (9K)  3/18/96    Medieval Wedding feasts. (sec. 6)
wed-music-FAQ     (23K)  3/18/96    Music ideas for med. weddings. (sec.
wed-movies-FAQ    (14K)  3/18/96    Movies useful for wedding ideas.
(sec. 8)
wed-cat-web-FAQ   (23K)  3/18/96    Catalogs and WWW sites. (sec. 9)
wed-figures-FAQ    (9K)  3/18/96    Biblio. of historical figures. (sec.
weddings-msg     (165K)  1/ 7/99    Period and SCA weddings.
weddings-e-art    (23K)  5/ 9/94    A Elizabethan wedding ceremony
                                      from various sources.

The Florilegium can be found on the web at:

Some of the other sections such as those on FOOD or BEVERAGES might also
be of interest.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at

Taya Fitzphilip wrote:
> My fiancé and I are planning a renaissance wedding for October
> 28, 2001 and would dearly love to have live performers playing
> music for the ceremony and reception. It will be held at the
> Japanese Gardens in Ft Worth, TX.   I know I have seen a group
> play together at Kingdom Events and would love to speak with
> you.
> Can you please contact me privately with your contact info and
> availability at my_lady_comtesse at .
> Michael Silverhands, don’t you have a group that performs?
> Thanks
> Lady Taya Fitzphilip and Uriah of Hebron
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